Engineering Transactions, 51, 2-3, pp. 339–347, 2003

Traumatic Damage Pathomechanism of Cerebral Vessels Caused by Geriatric Changes

E. Wiczkowski
Wrocław University of Technology

A. Kędzia
Wrocław Medical Academy

A. Kania
Wrocław University of Technology

The knowledge of mechanical properties of the brain blood vessels enables an assessment of pathological changes caused by human aging. As it results from our investigations, a greater elasticity of blood vessels in the occipital region accounts for the rare occurrence of subdural space blood clots in this region of the brain. Also, a map can be derived based on our results, of the most severe head trauma directions causing damages of blood vessels in the subdural space.
Keywords: biomechanics; cerebral vessels; mechanical strength; geriatric changes
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