ISSN:     0867-888X (Print)  
2450-8071 (Online)

Vol 67, No 3 (2019)


The Role of the Bone Strength on the Cyst Growth in the Mandible PDF
Justyna MIODOWSKA, Jan BIELSKI, Magdalena KROMKA-SZYDEK 293–300
Crystallization Kinetics of Polyamide 2200 in the Modelling of Additive Manufacturing Processes by FE Analyses PDF
Pawel BAJERSKI, Ryszard Bolesław PĘCHERSKI, Damian CHUDY, Leszek JARECKI 301–309
Comparison Between Numerical Analysis and Actual Results for a Pull-Out Test PDF
Jakub GONTARZ, Jerzy PODGÓRSKI, Józef JONAK, Marek KALITA, Michał SIEGMUND 311–331
Approaches to the Determination of the Working Area of Parallel Robots and the Analysis of Their Geometric Characteristics PDF
Dmitry MALYSHEV, Mikhail POSYPKIN, Larisa RYBAK, Alexander USOV 333–345

Research Papers

Investigation of Free Vibration and Buckling of Timoshenko Nano-beam Based on a General Form of Eringen Theory Using Conformable Fractional Derivative and Galerkin Method PDF
Farogh Soufi MOHAMMADI, Zaher RAHIMI, Wojciech SUMELKA, Xiao-Jun YANG 347–367
Investigation of Monotonic and Cyclic Behavior of Soft Clay Using Direct Simple Shear Apparatus PDF
Sutera BENCHANUKROM, Chitsirin LAILAK, Nirut KONKONG 369–386
Impact of Thermophoretic Transport of Al2O3 Nanoparticles on Viscoelastic Flow of Oil-Based Nanofluid over a Porous Exponentially Stretching Surface with Activation Energy PDF
Christian John ETWIRE, Ibrahim Yakubu SEINI, Musah RABIU, Oluwole Daniel MAKINDE 387–410
Performance Evaluation and Frequency Response Analysis of a Two Stage Two Spool Electrohydraulic Servovalve with a Linearized Model PDF
Nitesh MONDAL, Biswanath DATTA 411–427
Approximate Estimation of Stability of Homogeneous Beam on Elastic Foundation PDF
Iwona Małgorzata WSTAWSKA, Krzysztof MAGNUCKI, Piotr KĘDZIA 429–440
Bending of Beams with Symmetrically Varying Mechanical Properties Under Generalized Load – Shear effect PDF
Krzysztof MAGNUCKI, Jerzy LEWIŃSKI 441–457