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Research Papers

Moisture Management Finish on Single and Rib Knit Cotton PDF
Mehreen IJAZ, Namood -e- SAHAR, Zohra TARIQ, Rafia FATIMA, Zahra RASHEED, Madeeha TARIQ, Hibba Munir DAR
Tool Path Planning for Five-Axis End Milling of Cycloidal Gears and Its Full Tooth Profile Accuracy Measurement PDF
Jian WANG, Longxing LIAO, Shanming LUO, Jingyu MO
Fault Diagnosis of Induction Motors: An Architecture for Real-Time Assessment as a Cyber-Physical System PDF
Ranjan Sasti Charan PAL, Nagesh DEWANGAN, Amiya Ranjan MOHANTY
A Parametric Study of Higher-Mode Natural Frequencies of Composite Stiffened Cylindrical Shell With Cut-Out PDF
Unsteady Hydromagnetic Mixed Convection of a Radiating and Reacting Nanofluid in a Microchannel with Variable Properties PDF
Mesfin Zewde KEFENE, Oluwole Daniel MAKINDE, Lemi Guta ENYADENE
On Spatial vs Referential Isotropic Fourier’s Law in Finite Deformation Thermomechanics PDF
Balbina WCISŁO, Jerzy PAMIN, Lars ROSE, Andreas MENZEL