Engineering Transactions, 67, 3, pp. 441–457, 2019

Bending of Beams with Symmetrically Varying Mechanical Properties Under Generalized Load – Shear effect

Krzysztof MAGNUCKI
Institute of Rail Vehicles TABOR

Institute of Rail Vehicles TABOR

The paper is devoted to simply supported beams with symmetrically varying mechanical properties in the depth direction. Generalized load of the beams includes the load types from uniformly distributed to point load (three-point bending). This load is analytically described with the use of a certain function including a dimensionless parameter. The value of the parameter is decisive for the load type. The individual nonlinear “polynomial” hypothesis is applied to deformation of a planar cross section. Based on the definitions of the bending moment and the shear transverse force the differential equation of equilibrium is obtained. The equation is analytically solved and the deflections are calculated for an exemplary beam family. The results of the study are specified in tables.
Keywords: FGM beams; bending; analytical modeling
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DOI: 10.24423/EngTrans.987.20190509