ISSN:     0867-888X (Print)  
2450-8071 (Online)

Vol 60, No 1 (2012)


Development of a Soft Recovery System of Supersonic Projectiles PDF
Dong-Teak CHUN, Ihnseok RHEE, Byung Yun JOO, Doo Han JIN, One Kwon RIM, Kwan Jin PARK 3–14
Perforation Modes of Metal Plates Struck by a Blunt Rigid Projectile PDF
Chen XIAOWEI, Liang GUANJUN 15–29
Analysis of the Cutting Parameters Influence During Machining Aluminium Alloy A2024-T351 with Uncoated Carbide Inserts PDF
Badis HADDAG, Samir ATLATI, Mohammed NOUARI, Claude BARLIER, Mohammed ZENASNI 31–39
Theoretical Basis of Determining the Translation and Rotation of Steering Wheel Stub Axle PDF
Józef STRUSKI, Krzysztof WACH 41–54
Effect of Rotation and Suspended Particles on the Stability of an Incompressible Walters’ (Model B′) Fluid Heated from Below Under a Variable Gravity Field in a Porous Medium PDF
Selected Topics of High Speed Machining Analysis - Initial lecture for VIII International Conference HIGH SPEED MACHINING PDF
Tomasz ŁODYGOWSKI, Alexis RUSINEK, Tomasz JANKOWIAK, Wojciech SUMELKA 69–96
Cover PDF
Table of Contents PDF
About PDF
Cover - Rozprawy Inżynierski I - Warszawa 1953 r. PDF