ISSN:     0867-888X (Print)  
2450-8071 (Online)

Vol 61, No 4 (2013)

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Characterization of Friction Properties During Machining of Various Stainless Steels PDF
Pierre NAISSON, Joel RECH, Henri PARIS 239–248
The Validation of Fe Modeling of Orthogonal Turning Process Using Cowper–Symonds Material Behavior Law PDF
Virginija GYLIENE, Vytautas OSTASEVICIUS 249–263
Revisiting the Reflected Caustics Method: the Accurate Shape of the “Initial Curve” PDF
Christos F. MARKIDES, Stavros K. KOURKOULIS 265–287
Mechanical Properties of AW8S-V Polyester Composite under Various Loading Conditions PDF
Wojciech MOĆKO, Tadeusz SZYMCZAK, Zbigniew L. KOWALEWSKI 289–300
Method for Determination of the Dynamic Elastic Modulus for Composite Materials PDF
Abdellah MASSAQ, Alexis RUSINEK, Maciej KLÓSAK 301–315
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