Engineering Transactions, 60, 1, pp. 55–68, 2012

Effect of Rotation and Suspended Particles on the Stability of an Incompressible Walters’ (Model B′) Fluid Heated from Below Under a Variable Gravity Field in a Porous Medium

NSCBM Govt. P. G. College Department of Mathematics

Govt. P. G. College, Department of Mathematics

The effect of rotation and suspended particles on the stability of an incompressible Wal-
ters’ (model B′) fluid heated from below under a variable gravity field in a porous medium
is considered. By applying a normal mode analysis method, the dispersion relation has been
derived and solved numerically. It is observed that the rotation, gravity field, suspended par-
ticles, and viscoelasticity introduce oscillatory modes. For stationary convection, the rotation
has a stabilizing effect and suspended particles are found to have a destabilizing effect on the
system, whereas the medium permeability has a stabilizing or destabilizing effect on the system
under certain conditions. The effect of rotation, suspended particles, and medium permeability
has also been shown graphically.
Keywords: Walters’ (model B′) fluid, rotation, suspended particles, variable gravity field, porous medium
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