Engineering Transactions, 67, 3, pp. 347–367, 2019

Investigation of Free Vibration and Buckling of Timoshenko Nano-beam Based on a General Form of Eringen Theory Using Conformable Fractional Derivative and Galerkin Method

Farogh Soufi MOHAMMADI
Urmia University
Iran, Islamic Republic of

Urmia University
Iran, Islamic Republic of

Wojciech SUMELKA
Poznan University of Technology

Xiao-Jun YANG
China University of Mining and Technology

The purpose of this paper is to study the free vibration and buckling of a Timoshenko
nano-beam using the general form of the Eringen theory generalized based on the fractional derivatives.

In this paper, using the conformable fractional derivative (CFD) definition the generalized form of the Eringen nonlocal theory (ENT) is used to consider the effects of integer and noninteger stress gradients in the constitutive relation and also to consider small-scale effect in the vibration of a Timoshenko nano-beam. The governing equation is solved by the Galerkin method.

Free vibration and buckling of a Timoshenko simply supported (S) nano-beam is investigated, and the influence of the fractional and nonlocal parameters is shown on the frequency ratio and buckling ratio. In this sense, the obtained formulation allows for an easier mapping of experimental results on nano-beams.

The new theory (fractional parameter) makes the modeling more flexible. The model can conclude all of the integer and non-integer operators and is not limited to the special operators such as ENT. In other words, it allows to use more sophisticated/flexible mathematics to model physical phenomena.
Keywords: fractional calculus; nonlocal fractional derivative model; free vibration; Timoshenko beam; Galerkin method; buckling
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DOI: 10.24423/EngTrans.1001.20190426

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