Engineering Transactions, 61, 1, pp. 65–80, 2013

An Experimental Investigation and Modelling of Friction Stir Processing

Marek Stanisław WĘGLOWSKI
Institute of Welding (Instytut Spawalnictwa)

Carter Benjamin HAMILTON
Miami University, School of Engineering and Applied Science

In this paper experimental and numerical modelling of the Friction Stir Processing tech-
nique are presented. The experiments were carried out on cast aluminium alloy AlSi9Mg.
A conventional tool without a pin was used. During the trials, the tool temperature, torque
and forces acting on the tool were measured. The results revealed that an increase in the rota-
tional speed caused an increase in the temperature and a decrease in the torque. Furthermore,
the increase in travelling speed caused a decrease in the tool temperature and an increase in
the torque. The experimental results were compared with that achieved based on the numerical
Keywords: Friction Stir Processing, aluminium alloys, modelling
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