Engineering Transactions, 64, 4, pp. 433–440, 2016

A Multi-Layered Ring Under Parabolic Pressure

Christos F. MARKIDES
National Technical University of Athens

Ermioni D. PASIOU
National Technical University of Athens

National Technical University of Athens

The stress- and displacement-fields developed in a circular ring consisting of a finite number of linearly elastic homo¬geneous and isotropic concentric layers are determined. The composite ring is subjected to a distribution of radial stresses (acting along two finite arcs of its periphery) varying according to a parabolic law. The problem is solved analytically adopting Savin’s approach for an infinite plate with a hole strengthened by rings. Taking advantage of the analytic solution, a numerical model is properly calibrated and validated by considering the case of a three-layered ring. It is concluded that the constructed model simulates reality in an excellent manner and therefore it can be safely used for a thorough parametric analysis of the numerous factors influencing the stress- and displacement-fields.
Keywords: composite ring; multi-layered rings; Brazilian-disc test; ring test; complex potentials
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