Engineering Transactions, 63, 2, pp. 157–170, 2015

A Comparison of the Rise of the Temperature of an Unprotected Steel Column Subjected to the Standard Fire Curve ISO 834 and to a Natural Fire Model in the Office

Poznan University of Technology

Łukasz POLUS
Poznan University of Technology

This paper presents a comparison of the changes in the temperature of a steel HEB 300 section column in a standard fire curve and in a natural fire. The EN 1991-1-2 standard and the fire dynamics simulator (FDS) were used to calculate the temperature of the steel column in a fire situation. The temperature of the steel column based on Eurocodes using the ISO 834 curve was different from the temperature obtained from the fire dynamics simulator, modeling a natural fire.
Keywords: fire safety; fire dynamics simulator; natural fire model; standard fire curve.
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