Engineering Transactions, 51, 4, pp. 445–459, 2003

Stability and Ultimate Load of Three-Layered Plates – A Parametric Study

R. Grądzki
Technical University of Łodź

K. Kowal-Michalska
Technical University of Łodź

This work deals with the analysis of influence of some geometrical and material parameters of layers on the mass, critical stress and ultimate load of three-layered plates. The plates are built of metal outer layers and a composite core. To obtain the maximum load value, the analysis is carried out in the elasto-plastic range basing on the Tsai-Wu criterion and Prandtl-Reuss equations. The solution is obtained by an analytical-numerical method.
Keywords: metal-composite-metal panels; stability analysis; ultimate load; lightweight
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DOI: 10.24423/engtrans.482.2003