Engineering Transactions, 14, 3, pp. 429-439, 1966

Drgania Skrętne Belki Wywołane Ruchomym Momentem Skręcającym

B. Skalmierski


S. Drewnowski


The problem under consideration is that of torsional vibration of a viscoelastic prismatic bar clamped at both ends. It is assumed that the bar is loaded by a concentrated torque travelling at constant speed. The solution is obtained by means of the elastic-viscoplastic analogy [3]. The results are found in the form of Fourier series, by using the inverse Laplace transformation. The detailed considerations contain a study of the variability of the rotation angles of a bar 20 m long under the action of a torque travelling at the speeds of 30,60 and 90 km/h, assuming the rheologic model of Voigt.

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