Engineering Transactions, 61, 2, pp. 151–160, 2013

Loosening Evaluation of Bolt-Nut Fastener Under Transverse Cyclic Loading

Meijo University, Department of Vehicle and Mechanical Engineering

Katsuhiko MURASE
Meijo University, Department of Vehicle and Mechanical Engineering

Gifu University, Department of Mechanical and Systems Engineering

Meijo University, Graduate School of Science and Technology

In this paper, we evaluate the sliding and the loosening behavior of thread joints (M16
bolt-nut fastener) under transverse loading. First, the critical relative slippage (Scr), less than
the displacement in which the thread joints can keep the fastening, are obtained by the cyclic
loading tests. Then, this critical relative slippage is estimated according to the theoretically ob-
tained equation by considering the bending deformation of bolt and the geometrical constraint
condition. The inclination compliance (kw) of the bolt head used in this equation is evaluated
by comparing the experimental result with the corresponding analytical one. In consideration
of the nonlinearity of kw with respect to the bolt axial tension, the Scr is well estimated by
this equation.
Keywords: thread joint, bolt-nut fastener, sliding and loosening behavior of bolt, transverse loading, critical relative slippage, inclination compliance of bolt head.
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