Engineering Transactions, 29, 3, pp. 491-501, 1981

Analysis of Membranes Stretched Over a Unilateral Support

L. Binda
Department of Structural Engineering, Technical University, Milan

R. Contro
Department of Structural Engineering, Technical University, Milan

The main objective of the present. paper is to find the equilibrium configuration of membranes of various shapes, stretched over a plane frame, in the vicinity of a rigid, two-dimensional profile which supplies unilateral constraints to its deflections. The problem is considered under the following conditions: (i) the membrane is subjected to assigned, constant tension forces and to transversal loads; (ii) boundary conditions of the membrane are given by zero displacements along the contour of the frame; (iii) the deformations are small; (iv) the contact is frictionless and reactions are assumed to be vertical.

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