Engineering Transactions, 56, 3, pp. 247–268, 2008

Modelling of the electrohydraulic full active vehicle suspension

Department of Process Control AGH – University of Science and Technology

The study investigates various models of vehicle suspensions. A quarter-vehicle full active
suspension is chosen for further analysis. A mathematical model, governed by nonlinear differ-
ential equations, is proposed that takes into account dynamic properties of an electrohydraulic
actuator. The mathematical model being implemented, it was expressed in terms of the state
variables. In part two, the physical model was implemented and parametric identification pro-
cedure was applied. Phenomenological model simulation data are compared with results of
experimental testing of a full, active vehicle suspension. The final section is focused on static
and dynamic properties of an open-loop system (without a controller) determined on the basis
of obtained models.
Keywords: electrohydraulic actuator, full active, suspension, servovalve, model
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