Engineering Transactions, 56, 4, pp. 383–391, 2008

Burzyński yield condition vis-à-vis the related studies reported in the literature

Institute of Fundamental Technological Research Polish Academy of Sciences

The paper is written in accompaniment of the publication of English translation of
W. Burzyński’s paper, which deals with the yield criterion for materials revealing the
sensitivity of yield strength to pressure derived by W. Burzyński during preparation of his
doctor thesis in 1927. More recently the dependence of yield strength on pressure is related
to the so-called strength differential (SD) effect, i.e. asymmetry of elastic range, cf. e.g.
Therefore, the original Burzyński’s formulation of yield condition remains actual and acquires
increasing significance. The position of Burzyński’s energy-based approach in the literature is
reported and his main achievement in this field concerning the recent studies is discussed.
Keywords: Burzyński yield condition (criterion), strength differential effect, asymmetry of elastic range, hypotheses of material effort
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