Engineering Transactions, 56, 4, pp. 345–362, 2008

An investigation of metal transfer process in GMAW

Institute of Welding Testing of Materials Weldability and Welded Constructions Department

University of Kentucky Center for Manufacturing

University of Kentucky Center for Manufacturing

This paper presents the studies of the metal transfer process in gas metal arc welding with
mild steel electrode. It aims at mathematic description of the droplet flight trajectory, droplet
velocity and acceleration. To this end, the droplet flight trajectory was first fitted using the 3rd
order polynomial regression and it was found that the model can be reduced to the 2nd order.
The average diameter of a droplet, transfer rate of droplets, average velocity and acceleration
of a droplet were calculated. The geometric shape factor was estimated. A new metal transfer
monitoring method which is based on narrow band filter and does not require He-Ne laser, has
been used in this study to observe the metal transfer process.
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