Engineering Transactions, 48, 2, pp. 153–198, 2000

On Discrete-Continuous Modelling of the Railway Bogie and the Track for the Medium Frequency Dynamic Analysis

T. Szolc
Institute of Fundamental Technological Research Polish Academy of Sciences

In the present paper, the dynamic interaction between a bogie of a modern railway passenger car and a track is considered with the aid of a discrete-continuous mechanical model. This model enables us to investigate the bending-torsional-axial vibrations of the wheelsets coupled with the vertical and lateral vibrations of the track through the wheel-rail contact forces. The numerical results are obtained in the form of natural frequencies, eigenfunctions and frequency response functions for the linearized bogie-track system as well as in the form of time histories and corresponding amplitude spectra of forced vibrations obtained by means of computer simulation performed for the non-linear system. In the computational examples for the bogie-track interaction, the influence of static and dynamic properties of several kinds of the track on the system dynamic response is studied.
Keywords: railway bogie-track system; discrete-continuous mechanical model; coupled vertical-longitudinal-lateral-torsional vibrations; numerical simulation
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DOI: 10.24423/engtrans.602.2000

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