Engineering Transactions, 63, 2, pp. 147–156, 2015

Arc-length Algorithm Efficiency in the Analysis of Thermally Loaded Multilayered Shells

Agnieszka SABIK
Gdańsk University of Technology

Ireneusz KREJA
Gdańsk University of Technology

This paper concerns the efficiency study of the arc-length algorithm in the geometrically non-linear analysis of thermally loaded multilayered shells. The thermal loading is considered as the one-way thermo-mechanical coupling effect. Two implementations of the arc-length method are examined: the path-following technique available in NX-Nastran and the Riks-Wempner-Ramm algorithm adopted in the authors’ computer code SHLTH. It is shown that the appropriate unloading condition in each step of the analysis plays the crucial role in obtaining a proper solution. The algorithm offered in NX-Nastran tends to fail, whereas the authors’ code enables to find the solution in required temperature range.
Keywords: stability; temperature; multilayered shells; arc-length method.
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DOI: 10.24423/engtrans.50.2015