Engineering Transactions, 13, 2, pp. 269-280, 1965

Skręcanie Prętów Cienkościennych Typu Dwuteownika o Zmiennej Wysokości Środnika

Z. Cywiński


This paper is a next step on the way to elaborate a general theory of thin-walled bars of variable: open cross-sections subjected to torsion. It is based on all classic principles of the technical torsion. theory of thin-walled bars with constant cross-sections.
The theory presented relates exclusively to bars of bisymmetric I-cross-section type which change by variation of flange distance.
By the way of the energy-method the fundamental differential equation of the problem (3.10)
is derived, the expressions for cross-section forces [warping moment B (4.3) and torsion moments Hk (3.2) and Hω (5.12)], are established and formulae for normal – (4.6) and shearing stress (5.16)
are given.
In conclusion, the results obtained by the presented theory are compared with those given in
the paper [4].

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Copyright © Polish Academy of Sciences & Institute of Fundamental Technological Research (IPPT PAN).


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[in Russian]

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