Engineering Transactions, 17, 4, pp. 751-756, 1969

Niestacjonarne pole temperatury w półprzestrzeni w przypadku ruchomego ogrzania na brzegu

T. Różnowski
Zakład Mechaniki Ośrodków Ciągłych Instytutu Podstawowych Problemów Techniki

In this paper the nonstationary distribution of temperature is considered in a semi-space one half of whose free surface was suddenly heated by a moving field of heat to a constant temperature, after which the heating moves with a constant velocity. Using 1 e technique of integral transformations and the method of solution according to the author's previous papers, the temperature in the semi-space is determined in the form of a function, from which the series representation results directly expressed by the formulae (22) and (23) in [1]. Some particular cases are investigated, and the possibility of utilizing the relationships obtained for solving problems with more complex boundary conditions are presented in [2] and [3].
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Copyright © Polish Academy of Sciences & Institute of Fundamental Technological Research (IPPT PAN).


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