Engineering Transactions, 55, 3, pp. 239–275, 2007

Structural Health Monitoring – a Review With the Emphasis on Low-Frequency Methods

Smart-Tech Centre Institute of Fundamental Technological Research, PAN

Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) is a fast-developing, interdisciplinary field of research
having its roots in vibroacoustics and non-destructive testing and evaluation. Fast development
of the area is due to the fact that SHM is heavily stimulated by the engineering problems of
maintenance and safe operation of technical infrastructure. The use of SHM is slowly becoming
a standard in high-cost, modern infrastructure. Therefore, the possibility of application should
always be on the horizon of any related research work. Thus far, the majority of SHM applications
have been demonstrated in civil, aerospace and mechanical engineering. This paper
reviews the main achievements and points out the current trends in this field with the emphasis
on low-frequency methods.
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