Engineering Transactions, 27, 4, pp. 585-594, 1979

The Propagation of Elastic Waves Due to the Action of Fluid Sources in a Consolidating Medium

R. Dzięcielak
Institute of Technical Mechanics, Poznań

In this study the propagation of elastic waves due to the action of fluid sources in a fluid-saturated porous elastic solid is investigated. The basis of these considerations are the equations of motion formulated by M. A. Biot. In the first part of this work the equations governing the propagation of dilatational waves for the case of the action of fluid sources in such a medium are obtained. In the next section of this paper the action of the point source varying harmonically with time is considered. These considerations are restricted to assumption of the lower radian frequency range where the Poiseuille flow is valid. The fluid source is due to the propagation of two dilatational waves. A detailed discussion of the properties of these waves is presented in the last part of this work.

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