Engineering Transactions, 32, 2, pp. 275-287, 1984

Problem of the Decohesive Carrying Capacity of a Cylindrical Shell Under a Ring of Forces and Tension

Tran-Le Bihn
Technical University, Hai Phong
Viet Nam

M. Życzkowski
Technical University of Kraków, Kraków

Termination of the process of elastic-plastic deformations of a sandwich cylindrical shell under a simultaneous ring of radial forces and axial tension is studied in detail. The materiał is assumed to be perfectly elastic-plastic, incompressible and subject to the Huber-Mises-Hencky yield con­dition. The decohesive carrying capacity is in this case determined by an infinite increase of axial strains ex in the outer layer at the point x=O. The relevant singularity is described by generalized power series and, using those series combined with numerical integration, a concave interaction curve corresponding to the decohesive carrying capacity is determined.

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