Engineering Transactions, 57, 2, pp. 105–112, 2009

Multi-goal optimization of a carry-mould

University of Bologna Department of Mechanical Engineering

University of Trieste Department of Mechanical Engineering

A common engineering task is the optimization of components that are part of multibody
assemblies, in which it is difficult to extrapolate and define the boundary conditions
to be applied for the component optimization. This work presents a procedure for multi-goal
optimization of components that are integrated in multipart engineering systems. The efficiency
of the procedure is illustrated by means of a test case, a carry-mould that is part of a multicomponent
blowing machinery. Target goals of the optimization process are the minimization
of moment of inertia and of global mass and the maximum allowable displacement in a number
of control points.
Keywords: design, multi-goal optimization, carry-mould, blow-machinery assembly, FE modelling
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