Engineering Transactions, 59, 3, pp. 139–159, 2011

Limit Analysis of Structures With Destructible Elements Under Impact Loadings

University of Zielona Góra

Research & Experimental Design State Enterprise for Construction “Institute BelNIIS”

Limit states and identification of structures with shock- or seismic-protected system under dynamic loadings are discussed. Such structures include both the destructible (elastic-brittle) and indestructible (elastic-plastic) elements. A mathematical model and algorithm for solving shakedown problem of bearing capacity of systems with destructible elements are suggested. Next the propagation of vibrations from impacts of Minsk subway trains into nearby skeleton of 9-storied building is investigated. The experimental data for this building are received. Then the propagation of vibrations is analyzed numerically. Finally, a technique of minimax to evaluate dynamic elastic modules of concrete in the considered structure elements is used.
Keywords: shock- or seismic-protected system, brittle and plastic elements, limit states, skeleton buildings, subway trains, parameter identification, experiment
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DOI: 10.24423/engtrans.143.2011